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The Picture That Started It All

I received an email last night from an old friend. She sent me a scan of a wedding photo, but not just any wedding photo. It is a print from the first wedding I photographed. It was September 2000 and I was only 17 years old! Don’t worry, I wasn’t the main shooter. Kimberly, the bride, let me and a few other amateurs tag along to take photos. I shot this on film with black and white film. I was in my second year of taking photography in high school. I can’t believe that was 10 years ago! As I sit here I am trying to pull more details from my memory about that day but it’s mostly emotions that come to mind: nervous and incompetent as a photographer, excited for the day, overjoyed for my friend, thankful for the opportunity, wonder at if that was the start of a possible career path. Thank you, Kimberly for this picture (my one print copy was damaged in a basement flood 4 years ago). A great reminder of  the picture that started it all!