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Wenatchee Wedding Photography {Kurt+Keri}

Kurt and Keri were married on August 28,2010 at their home in East Wenatchee, Washington.  The morning started off beautifully with bright blue skies and big billowy clouds. Keri loves charts; she loves them so much that she charted out the weather patterns to decided what summer day would be the best weather for their outdoor wedding and reception. Well, her chart was half right 🙂 As the day progressed the storm clouds rolled in. Because the wedding was at the top of the valley it made for a gorgeous landscape. Although the wind picked up and the temperature dropped 10 degrees it didn’t rain and all was well!  It was a blast taking photos in Kurt’s cherry orchard! It gives a great romantic vibe and set the mood perfectly for the rest of the day. A big perk to being a wedding photographer is getting to sample all sorts of yummy food from some great restaurants. Inna’s Cuisine makes a mean stuffed chicken. The staff was super friendly too! As the night progressed it got pretty cold, so people hit the dance floor with drinks in hand. Theresa, the mom of the bride, showed the younger folks up with some serious dance moves to the song “Low”. Love it! It was hard to not join in, myself!  Congratulations Kurt and Keri.

Look at how beautiful our Wenatchee Valley is! We love living in this area.  Notice the rain cloud in the background headed our way.

For more images  and the slideshow of this wedding please click on the “Read More” link below. Thanks!

Keri’s sister bedazzled the wine glass. Super cute! Kristi also did Keri’s hair and make-up. Such a talented sister.

The bridal party had a good time joking around.

This is the moment when it hit mom and bride that SHE WAS GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!!

The ceremony was held in Kurt and Keri’s back yard.

One of Kurt’s good friends from childhood officiated the ceremony. He added a special touch to the ceremony that only an old friend could.

Some of the yummy food from Inna’s that I was talking about!

Keri’s Dad put up the lights around the dace floor and reception area. We loved the lights!

Here, you can see Theresa, the mother-of-the bride really gettin’ down!