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What We Have Been Up To: Commercial Photography

Winter seems to finally be behind us! With the warm Eastern Washington sun on our faces, I took the kids for a long walk today. Yes! Spring is finally here. Most people assume that wedding photographers have little to do in the Winter, giving us time to catch up on life after a crazy summer of 60 hour weeks. Well… not so much! We thought we’d have a break, and by our blog it may look like we have, but that hasn’t been the case. Although we don’t photograph families, babies, or children, we work on commercial shoots in the Winter. A lot of the time we are unable to post pictures because of proprietary knowledge in the photos or it is for a specific job with photos not being able to be released until a set time and place. Now that a lot of  those deadlines are done, I decided to show you some of what we did! It is a smattering of work with the one thing in common: it is for businesses who need documentation or photos for advertising a product. I really love commercial work. Seeing our pictures in brochures and websites is always fun, but more than that, I love hearing and seeing how other businesses in the wedding industry and outside of the industry function. Getting a taste of their marketing approach or hearing their start up story while we shoot is always encouraging and interesting.

Besides the commercial work, we have been spiffing up our website, helping multiple other companies on their sites, assisting my mom in a fashion show, planning for the 2013 Weddings at Lake Chelan Bridal Show, preparing for hosting a photography workshop in April, designing albums from our couples in 2011, engagement sessions for our 2012 couples, have begun meeting and booking brides for 2013, and shot 1 wedding in January and 2 in February.

We photographed a shipment for Shell Oil. We will be doing another post on Thursday on the Antonov shoot.

Buisness head shots for Nancy Collingsworth, State Farm agent in Bellevue and John Heller, founder of Street of Dreams.

Interiors/Exteriors for Benny’s Colville Inn.

Products and interiors of The Bookery, along with designing and starting their website.

Product photography and head shots for Karma Vineyards.

Event photography to promote with at Tsillan Cellars.

Cupcake wrappers for Dress My Cupcake. Secondary purpose of ad photos for Weddings at Lake Chelan.

Event photography for advertising for Camp Gilead.