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100 Blogs in 100 Days- Starting a Little Late! {1}

My friend  Amy, of Memory Montage Photography and Kira of Kira Baron Photography are doing a 100 blogs in 100 days challenge. It just a way to get us creatives thinking and writing. They have already started on January 1st but it’s taken a little cajoling from them to get met to  jump on in with this challenge. Today is an easy day though. I just get to say I am gonna do it. Like “going on a diet” *que soundtrack from Annie “Tomorrow, tomorrow…” . That song is totally stuck in your head now, right? You’re welcome.

So to get this party started I want to post a photo I haven’t posted before. It the coolest father-daughter dance we have been to. Usually these dances are lead with a slow, sappy song, causing half the people in the room to well up with that wonderful emotion of reminiscing happiness. Which is great! But, this one was a little different. The music came on and it was a fast paced rockin’ song from the 70s. They laughed as the shimmed all over the dance floor. It totally set a different mood for the evening. Somehow, my eyes still got a little watery.

100 in 100

Venue: Katrina’s Wedding Boutique