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A Day in the Life of This Wedding Photographer {100!}

Ok, so my 100 posts in 100 days turned into 100 posts in 127 days. Not too bad, right? lol. I kept putting the last post off hoping to knock your socks off with something amazing, but { I am happy to say } we have been so stinking busy with photography and family life I haven’t had any time to focus on the blog. So with that, I thought I would share with you a day in the life of this wedding photographer. I am first a stay-at-home mom who’s gearing up to home school our oldest starting in September and photographer second. That means a big chunk of my day is my children first and then photography. Ben does all the financial stuff, designing albums, and keeping our gear and computers clean, charged, and running! He also works at the P.U.D. making their voice and data systems run smoothly. So while he’s doing that here’s what a typical day is for me. I tried to take all the photos in one day, but I kept forgetting to take pictures, so here’s a compilation of photos that is a typical week day for us.

My day starts of with “Mama, I wanna play with the puppy and I am hungry”. So while I make them breakfast; they play.

While they eat, I am getting my first cup of coffee in and reading various books for ladies Bible study and church.

About 3 days a week we go to The Bookery. The best little coffee shop/book store in town. I drink a 20 oz triple 3 pump vanilla latte. The baristas are awesome and make it right every time. Plus the kids love putting puzzles together at the kids table. Usually Ben meets us for coffee too. A lot of the PUD takes a break at 9:30.

Then it is off to either Lyons Park or Walmart. It’s a toss up for the kids, believe it or not. Our Walmart is a Super Walmart with toys to play on. So if it’s cold outside I find a reason to go up there to get the kids out of the house.

Then it’s back home to play with Springfield more, do a little “school work” and get ready for Dad to come home for lunch.

After lunch Adelaide is ready for a nap, hehe. By this point phone calls, emails, and my schedule are starting to fill my brain and I get antsy to begin work.

By now it’s 1:30 and while Adelaide sleeps, I get to work and Harrison plays computer games on his own little laptop. Then Adelaide joins in once she’s awake. They also color and play on the toys we have in our family room just feet from my computer.

Dad comes home at 4:30. He takes over for me, playing with the kids so I can continue to work.Somewhere in there we eat dinner and the kids go to bed.

If we don’t have a photo shoot, client meeting, scouting a new shooting location, or church then I continue to work until 8:30 or 9 pm right here in this spot. I’d take a picture with me working, but I am usually editing in my house clothes, which isn’t too pretty!

On Wednesday nights we help out with the youth group.

And there’s my week day. Pretty simple. The weekend are a whole ‘nother story for another blog post!