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A New Project:Food Styling+Food Photography!{94}

I got a new book yesterday: The Food Stylist’s Handbook. It’s actually not a “how to” for food photography, but a “how to” for styling food. I’ve heard it said that wedding photographers are portrait photographers on steroids.  We have to get great portraits of families, children, and couples all in a matter of minutes. Besides people we are also interior and product photographers. Brides spend a lot of time thinking of the perfect venue, cake, and decorations. We have to make sure to get great photographs of all those things. So to be the best, well rounded photographer I can be, I have decided to spend the next couple of months photographing food in my spare time, putting into practice what I learn in this book! Then, come wedding day, I will be able to get awesome images of all the details.

Adelaide will be my happy helper in the project. We share a love of food. She is a girl, after all.

“Hmmm. Chocolate cake or lemon bars. I can’t decide!”