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A Sneak peek of the Photography 101 Workshop {3}

Ben and I are teaching a Photography 101 workshop aimed at helping parents take better pictures of their kids. However, what we will be teaching is universal to any type of photography. Part of the class will be creative. Part will be technical. Photography at it’s core is simply a manipulation of light. Finding how many ways you can manipulate it is the fun part! Here is a great example below. Window light is one of the best light sources. It can be soft and beautiful- if done correctly.

There are a couple rules to follow. Don’t stand right next to the window, but create a little distance between your subject and the window. This makes the window light not as harsh. Also, if you close the blinds (if they are some shade on the lighter side) it spreads the light out evenly. There are a couple more tips, but for that, you will have to come to the class January 28th!

Here, I sat Samuel down in the living room. The sun was shining through on this winter morning. I had positioned him a good distance away from the window, but the blind was causing shadows across his face.

All I did was was close the blinds and look at the difference!