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Come back Thursday for part 2 of Carrie and Aaron’s wedding!

We first met Aaron and Carrie over 2 years ago at Lucas and Lexi’s wedding that we photographed. At that wedding Carrie asked me questions about us. 6 months later she called to ask us photograph her own wedding! After 18 months of planning, the dreams of their big day came to fruition last Saturday at the Snohomish wedding venue,  Hidden Meadows. With a lot of help from Carrie’s mom and wedding coordination by Kristi of Lindeman Weddings the wedding day went off without a hitch! The weather was literally the perfect wedding weather. Not a cloud in sight, bright blue skies, not too hot, not too cold. The day started off at the Redmond Gene Juarez for hair and make-up. Carrie’s co-maids of honor’s mom offered to drive the ladies to the venue and when she arrived to pick them, she surprised Carrie with a tricked out van! It was pretty sweet. Aaron and Carrie chose to not see each other until the ceremony, so it took a lot of maneuvering and logistics to make sure that we could take photos around the venue before hand. But it was well worth it! It was a touching moment to witness the selfless and loving gifts that they gave each other before the ceremony.  She gave him, what to her, was a really ugly painting that she didn’t like, but that he had fallen in love with at a recent art gallery opening. Aaron knew it was going to be hard for Carrie to give up her last name, even though she wanted to.He gave her a diamond necklace with the initial “G”- for her maiden last name. I have to admit, I had a hard time holding back tears!    Come back Thursday to see their ceremony and reception.

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She pinned a locket of her grandparents in her petticoat. A special way to honor them and keep them close to her on her wedding day.