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About Us

We are so thankful  Jeff and Amanda Photography and Films came to our house for a day and documented our life as it was back in 2015. Although we have gotten a little older, this video represents our family well! Welcome to our world!




Photography is a passion we enjoy together. To be able to celebrate major events in our couple’s lives by capturing the moment with a remarkable photograph is an exciting, fun challenge for us. With every wedding, we love to find romantic, contemporary and moving pictures that will tell your story. Our goal is to make sure that you not only treasure your photos, but that your experience with us will make you delighted, happy clients, which in the end will make us the happiest of all!

Our Love Story

Ben and I met when we were just toddlers. Over the years, our families’ lives crossed paths, but it wasn’t until August of 2004 when I came to visit my grandparents in Ben’s hometown of Wenatchee, Washington that we became more than just acquaintances.  After our first date at Wendy’s I knew we were going to get married. It took Ben a little longer to come around, but in June of 2005 we were engaged in the Costco parking lot in Los Angeles. Yes, an interesting place to get engaged (I will have to tell you the story sometime)! We married on December 17, 2005 in the same church that my parents were married in. 14 happy years later we have two of the cutest children ever! Harrison (12 years old) and Adelaide (11 years old). We are so thankful for the blessed life we have.

Ben&Molly Wedding Photography

I bought my first point-and- shoot as a child and haven’t stopped taking photos since. I studied at Brooks Institute of Photography. Ben was a photo enthusiast when we met. When we married, we converged all of our photo gear.  Soon enough a close friend got engaged and we offered to photograph her wedding. My friend’s wedding was a defining moment in our lives. Ben and I enjoyed that time together so much and my friend, the bride, was happy!  Things snowballed from there and that is how Ben & Molly was born!

Our Wedding!