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An Ode to our Photography Assistant, Tera!

We hired our first photo intern this summer. It was a big step for us to ask someone to join our team. We were so blessed to have found Tera! To be honest, we were assuming a bunch of 18 year kids with nothing better to do with their summer would apply for it, but we were pleasantly surprised to get quite a few educators who have a passion for photography, but have the summer off, apply. It was a great fit to find someone responsible, understand professionalism, and interested in photography. Tera was amazing this summer! She held reflectors, light candles, ran to the car for stuff I forgot, helped with veils, brought us drinks, held big heavy light stands, was our lighting tester, held back branches and so much more.

THANK YOU Tera for all your hard work. We wish we could hire you to work year round with us!

Friends, if you are looking for a senior portrait photographer in Wenatchee, check out her work here.