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Bellingham Bridal Show

As most of you know, my mom and sister own a bridal store in Bellingham, Washington. It is the only Bridal Consignment store in Whatcom county and one of the few in Washington State. A lot of their dresses are once-worn, but a good half of the dresses are brand new. A few bridal stores consigned their dresses when they closed their business, while others are simply because a bride decided on a different gown but couldn’t return it. This year, the organizer of The Simply Organized Bride asked my mom and sister to do the fashion show for the yearly bridal show. It was a big task! I offered to help and it was a very good learning experience for me, being a bridal show organizer myself. I ended up only taking a couple photos of the fashion show as they needed me to help in the back side of things, but here are some photos from the event. A second post will be coming soon with pictures of the models and dresses.

Here is my mom and sister’s booth. They sell other things besides dresses: including decorations, garters, veils, shoes, and everything in between. Ally, an employee at the store is in the back there, fluffing things up.

The models had their hair done “on the floor” during the show. Thank You to Samclaire for doing an amazing job with the hair.There was a lot of down time between the rehearsal first thing in the morning and the actual fashion show, hours later. The ladies had fun hanging out getting to know each other.

While some where getting their hair done, other where getting their makeup done. A big THANK YOU to¬† Sarah Engel from Mary Kay for doing all the models’ makeup.

What is a bridal show without yummy goodies?! These treats are a perfect option for any wedding reception. These are made by Sugar by Charlotte. Charlotte is in the picture blow.

Here is another baker showing their super creations. There is always a crowd by the cake table!Pinterest ready treats by Cake Creations that were beyond tasty!