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Brittany and Christopher’s wedding was nothing short of amazing! Tons of details to match their black and white themed wedding. Floral center pieces dripping with crystals, a 5 tier champagne cake, two wedding dresses, and a lot of surprises for guests and each other through out the day. Their attention to detail of their wedding is a reflection of the attention they pay to every little part of each others’ life.  With each surprise we got a little more insight of how much they love each other and want to make the other happy. Thank you, Brittany and Christopher, for letting us be a part of your wedding. It was a wonderful day and we wish you a happy honeymoon in Tahiti and Bora Bora!

Just to warn you, this is the biggest wedding post we have ever done. There were just too many special moments and details! I kept trying to cut more pictures out of the post, but then I remembered it’s our blog and we can do what we like! There were so many wonderful vendors that we had the pleasure to meet at this wedding.  Wedding Planner: Bobbi Roth Weddings  | Rentals: Grand Event Rentals | Florist: Paisley Petals    | Videographer Aaron Horton Productions |  Catering: Act 3 Catering | Wedding Cake: Celebrity Cake Studio   | Officant: Rev. Ray | Wedding Gowns: La Belle Elaine’s

Brittany is a bride after my own heart! Glitter, bling, and stilettos. Check out her gorgeous real jewelry she wore!These Jimmy Choos are so fabulous they require a full profile shot!

Brittany totally surprised Christopher with a wedding day present of a book of boudoir photos.

Christopher wrote the sweetest love letter and gave her a second wedding band filled with plenty of sparkle.

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Cocktail hour after the ceremony allowed time for Brittany to surprise Christopher with…

….a second wedding dress!

A candy bar? Um… yes please!

This wedding cake was gorgeous without going over the top. LOVE! It tasted just as great as it looked. Including a champagne layer, red velvet layer, and a couple other flavors I didn’t catch.We sneaked out during the reception to get some sunset pictures.