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Dirt Roads, Bulls & 2011 Senior! {Ephrata Senior Portrait Photography}

“You have other shoes than those, right?” Jared’s dad asked when we met in the entrance of their home. I wasn’t sure what he meant. It was the first time a guy had noticed my shoes at a shoot before. I didn’t have any other shoes, so Carol, Jared’s mom offered me a pair of tennis shoes.  I shrugged my shoulders, accepted the shoes and hopped in the car. As we headed  down a bumpy dirt road we past some cows…oh wait, make that young bulls with little spiky horns. Great. It started walking after the car as we slowly road past. But thankfully he lost interest. I still kept my eye on him the rest of the time we were there.  We stopped along a ridge that lead out into a great big coulee. Jared wanted his senior pictures taken at one of his favorite spots he hiked to. I now saw why my flimsy sandals weren’t going to cut it. Rocky, uphill terrain followed by straight up rock climbing to reach the top. This had to be the coolest senior session yet!  Climbing up the side of this rock, balancing a camera in one hand and holding on for dear life in another was quite thrilling. Maybe because I am now a mom of two young children I thought this adventure to be more than what it was, but it was pretty cool. Jared was gem the entire shoot. Smiling for the camera (always hard for a high school young man to do) and being patient while I slowly made my way through the terrain. His family came with to watch and get a couple of photos together as well. It is always interesting getting to know the people in your own town and spending a couple hours hiking around outdoors with a beautiful sunset was a perfect way to start off our week. Congratulations Jared! You have made it to Seniorhood!

Jared is standing on his favorite place to sit and be alone. Yes, I would have to say he is quite alone here!

Jared is an avid duck hunter.  We were pretty stoked to have some ducks flying around behind him, it fit so perfectly.

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Here is Jared’s sister. Carol wanted an updated picture of their daughter to go along with his Senior portraits.