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Eating Healthy in the Midst of a Packed Wedding Season

I have one caveat with being a wedding photographer that has become a love/hate relationship. I am so busy during the wedding season that my healthy food choices go out the window and I gain about 30 pounds by November. I loose it all by May (this requires hard work and a lot of time at the gym) and then in June the vicious cycle starts all over again.

For every wedding we photograph, I sit in front of the computer for 30 hours. Between editing, blog posts, sending images to clients and fellow wedding pros- just to name a few- there’s a lot to do.  I love this sitting time. It’s where our images come to life and we get to interact with all those who were a part of that wedding. But, with all that sitting and all the good summer food eating. I gain some serious weight. This has happened for the past 5 years.  Now that we are a month into our 6th wedding season, I can see the scale creeping back up. But I have decided enough is enough! I want to not only keep this weight off, but loose more. The healthiest I’ve been since being married was 2 months before starting our photography business (that tells you something about my horrible stress eating, right there! ha!).

With a lot of encouragement and more than one reminder, my friend Sami got me to do something I’ve never done before: make freezer meals. We spent 8 hours in the kitchen preparing 10 different meals, making double batches of everything so we each came away with 20 dinners each.  These meals can be frozen and then when ready to use, thrown into a crock-pot with no additional cooking or adding of ingredients later. The best part: they are all super lean and chock full of veggies. For all of our Trim Healthy Mama followers, they are all meals from here.

I want my body to be as able as possible to withstand 100 degree weather, standing in the sun with no shade for hours on end, and still produce pictures that people will love forever. This requires feeding my body (and my family’s!) good food and sticking to my yoga I love so much. I am so thankful we did this I look forward to not being 30 lbs heavier come November!

Trim Healthy Mama freezer meals photo (1)Trim Healthy Mama freezer meals photo (2)It was pretty much 7 hours of chopping veggies and then 1 hour of putting it all together.Trim Healthy Mama freezer meals photo (3)Trim Healthy Mama freezer meals photo (4)This isn’t even all of the food.Trim Healthy Mama freezer meals photo (5)Trim Healthy Mama freezer meals photo (6)In the end, 20 neat dinners (not all pictured) ready to go. SO looking forward to using these over the next month!  The amount of time I will save in trying to think of meals each week and not having to go to the grocery store is going to be amazing. Simple. Efficient. Healthy. What more can I ask for?!Trim Healthy Mama freezer meals photo (7)