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Encountering Wenatchee: A Portrait Series

We spent the month of June working on a special project. We photographed 19 different people who make Wenatchee, Wenatchee.  The idea for this series was born from a desire to help individuals connect with this community. Although the valley has grown to over 100,000 people, it still has a small town feel. Even I tend to find myself seeing familiar faces everywhere I go. We put up a gallery at Caffe Mela in Wenatchee, so while the locals waited for coffee, they could read about their community and friends. The gallery has been hanging for the whole month of July.   We hope you enjoy learning a little more about the people who call Wenatchee home.

Josh McPherson, Adam James, Kent McMullen

 Just a short six years ago Pastor Josh, Pastor Adam and 10 families started Grace City Church. Today, there are over 650 people who regularly attend the services that are held at the Performing Arts Center on Sunday mornings. It has been a wild ride experiencing their church grow so quickly for these two Central Washington natives. Seeing the need for more help, they asked Pastor Kent to oversee the elders at GCC. He brought with him over 35 years of successful ministry experience with him.

These men have been called to live “gospel-centered” lives. The gospel is the good news that God the Father came to rescue fallen mankind through repentance of sin and faith in the life, death, and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ. Because of this belief, they have a heart to serve the community through sharing this good news and also helping people in very real ways.

Grace City Church has partnered with The NCW Loan Fund and Wells Fargo Foundation to provide small loans to entrepreneurial Latina women wanting to start a business. Members of the church will be working with these women; helping them build a business plan and continuing support as they build their business. With these loans, they hope to build up the growing Hispanic community in the Wenatchee Valley.

They have also taken an active roll in helping the community of Pateros who have been greatly hurt by the wildfires. They have lead their church with helping with recovery and donations in forms of gift cards and generators to help those affected.

Grace City church wenatchee photo