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Ephrata Senior Photograpy {Tiffany} {38}

Tiffany is Brittany’s sister (yesterday’s senior spotlight). Although they are both graduating this year, we wanted to show them off as individuals, so we did two separate shoots in two different locations. We went to Steamboat Rock State Park to change it up from the urban photos of Brittany. It was freezing! Not just kind of cold, but lake-still-frozen-over cold. As we walked on the sand we could hear the ice shifting and cracking. A little while into the shoot the sun came out and it felt so great on our faces. It was wonderful having the opportunity to get to know her! Tiffany loves animals and had thought about being a vet but she loves them so much it would be too hard to work on them while they are sick. So instead she is planning on attending college to become a nurse. We wish her the best as she finishes up this school year and looks ahead to …well…more school!

On the way back from Steamboat Rock we drove by this old rundown building. It was totally disgusting inside, so we just enjoyed the charm of the outside of this place!