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Ephrata Senior Portraits! {Brittany} {37}

I was so excited to take Brittany’s pictures! She is a wonderful young lady who goes to our youth group. It’s been a joy getting to know her over this past month and I am looking forward to getting to know her better as Ben and I continue to help out in the youth group. It was super cold and overcast, but we still had a great time walking around “downtown” Ephrata. I am sorry, I just have to put that in quotations because, well… it’s Ephrata! I am not sure if we have a downtown, but if we did, that is where we were at! We walked the 3 block square and used the wonderful walls of the various buildings in different stages of their life. I love the character our old mixed with new town has to offer! Brittany is graduating this year from Soap Lake High School. She will be sticking around here next year and plans on attending Big Bend community college.  We wish her the best as she moves into the next part of life!

Purple is her favorite color, so we were happy to find this purple wall!

Bring items that say “you”! The more personal the better! You will look back at these pictures some day and it will be a fun reminder of the things that used to be.