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Our Family Photos!

This past month we had the privilege of not only photographing Ben’s family photos, but also my family photos! It only happens once every couple of years, so it was kind of a big deal to make sure it happened! We have a remote for our camera so we set the camera on a tripod and snapped away. So I guess you could call these self-portraits.  Soon enough we will get “real” family photos that will be taken by another professional photographer but until then, here are our families!

All the cousins on my side. Harrison 41/2, Malaki 3 1/2, Adelaide almost 3, Caleb 2, Kylie 2 1/2, Jacob 18 months.

My Mom and Dad, grandma, sister and family, and brother and family.

Ben’s mom and dad, sister and family.

Harrison and Adelaide’s one cousin on Ben’s side, Jillian who is 12.