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Fashion Photography + an Airplane Hanger!{72}

I  use the phrase “fashion photography” loosely! It was our first attempt. I watched some videos, read some articles, and voila! I decided we were now ready for a fashion shoot. So if you look at these pictures and laugh at our attempt, just know we are laughing with you. We had the opportunity to do a styled fashion shoot in an airplane hanger this past week. We are getting ready for print competition in April and wanted to do something a little different than our usual happy bride (although we love those!). In life, when we stretch past our normal is usually when we learn something new. Ben and I were so excited to shoot in a different location, but once we got there it took us a few minutes to decide what to do. I was caught a little off guard by that. I was so thrilled for a new and different place, it didn’t occur to me it might be hard to find exactly what I wanted. I had planned in advance for a particular image -hence the read couch. After I took that picture I was a bit like “ok, so now what?” lol. After a minute of that we were inspired by the awesome b-52 airplane and our amazing model and the next couple hours flew by.  I actually prefer some of the other shots more than the red couch. Funny how that happens. In the next couple days I will be using this shoot to show before and after pictures of different photography techniques. But first let me show you some of our favorites today.