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Finding Backdrops in Your Own Backdoor {29}

Sometimes photographers feel that they have to find super amazing landscapes on bright sunny days in order to even think about shooting a portrait session. If there isn’t a great location and perfect weather then they have to buy expensive backdrops, having to clear out space in their dinning room to set up a makeshift studio. We live in an area where we get so much sun that we are called “The Sun Basin”. So we don’t have to worry too much about the weather. It may be 110 degrees or 20 degrees-either way it’s sunny. Except for the past two weeks. Of course these past weeks have proved to be our most busy time for portrait sessions in Ephrata. From senior portraits, engagement, and commercial. Instead of getting super bummed I took it as a challenge to see the potential our little town had. Overcast= yucky skies, so I wanted to shoot against walls and keep the sky out of the pictures as much as possible. I was amazed that once I started looking around I saw for the first time how much our little town has to offer. I was truly inspired by all of my options. When Saturday morning came, I was ready. Gloomy skies and all. Our town is old and the age of the buildings vary greatly, which is actually a good thing. My backdrops run the gamut from newer brick to rundown supply stores.  All of these buildings are literally within 3 blocks of each other. There are many more buildings, but I am not giving away all of my new favorite spots! 🙂  Thank you to Brittany, for letting me use her senior portrait session as a lesson. I made her go all over the place in the 20 degree weather! Super fun, though!

This is the backside of a bar.

This is what I envisioned.

Look! 3 very distinct backgrounds just feet apart from each other.

Here is just one of the many images from this parking lot.

This building is across the street from the coffee shop.

I love the framing that we could do with this, but I decided to post a great image from the porch.

I see this every time we are on our way back home from church.

I really like the old school lettering and wall, so I kept as much of it as I could.

I can’t wait to do an engagement session with this red building. Looks interesting with those two sideways “v” just yelling for a girl and a boy to be standing in.