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Funny Keywords People Type and Somehow Land on Our Blog {35}

I blog because it’s fun to share photography tips, let you know more about our photo sessions, and more importantly be able to open up personally which opens.  Besides all you amazing people who read this blog, Google also reads it. Dissecting my words into little spinets in order to help those searching for say a “wedding photographer + snow pictures”. It will search all our blog posts and if it finds those words it will bring up our blog post containing those words.  I checked our analytics for the first time last night in a month and laughed.  Just like you have probably experienced, every once it a while Google pulls some funny results and land on something pretty much totally unrelated to you are searching for. Here are some of the interesting keywords that have guided people to our blog.

1. “cheap hot sauce for weddings”  ~This was from a post about my brother-in-law’s crazy obsession with hot sauce.

2. “creme brulee one hundred days” ~This was from talking about my dad’s amazing cooking

3. “Diy photography window blind shadows” ~ This got them to the post about a bride who made DIY wedding flowers

4. “Incorporate living in two different states engagement pictures” ~ from me talking about Ben and I being in two different countries while engaged.

5. “nine nickels and how they grew blog” ~ This is just from the general website. Of course, with the mispelling of our name.

6. “running from the law top 5 things that will not be at our wedding”  ~ This was from the “Top 5 Things to ask a wedding photographer“.

7. “things that photographers wont tell you” ~ To me, I just find that odd. Why do people think we wouldn’t tell them something?! I will always tell you everything! In photography and life.

8. “what kind of art projects did they do in the wenatchee tribe?”  ~ I guess we type Wenatchee  enough and anything will come up!

9. “what is a rock the dress wedding photo session???” ~ This went to our Rock the Dress Session.

10. “wedding photographers embracing Facebook like button on their websites” ~  To me I find this a funny search. I wonder why they would debate having a Facebook like button. Facebook is such a great tool in marketing!

11. “things photographers can do to be remembered at bridal shows”  ~ This is actually a really great question to ask. There are so many photographers out there, we have to do everything we can to be remembered! This    person landed on our blog about the Wenatchee Bridal Show.

So there you have it. Some of the totally unrelated and yet somehow related topics that get people to our blog! And since this is our totally random blog, here’s a totally random picture, but still makes ya smile!