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Happy Birthday, Ben! {85}

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful husband! He turns 31 today. There is no way I could do photography without him. He is always there to tell me my pictures are really great or they suck big time and I need to get better, lol. He knows how to do all the techie stuff which allows me time to blog and edit photos, but most importantly be a mom to our kids. Thank you Ben, for being so supportive and loving. Constantly working to be the best dad and husband he can be. I love you! I thought I’d highlight Ben’s most favorite things in no particular order 🙂

Our kids. They used to not like photos. But they ham it up big time now. (This was taken on Easter last year)

Hunting with his Dad, Ben Sr. (on the left). Here, they are in Wyoming just got their antelope.

And me 🙂 He’s one of my favorite things too! Our wedding day, December 17, 2005.