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How to Send a Cute Gift Package | Plus a Giveaway!

By now you have probably been invited to at least one if not ten weddings this summer. You might not be able to attend them, but you still want to send a gift. If you are anything like me, figuring out how to make a gift look nice and personal while shipping it is a struggle. This may seem like a ridiculous no-brainier to some, but for people like me who need a little help… here’s a tutorial. Thanks to my friend, Jen, who actually knows what she’s doing for helping me with this!

Start with some tissue paper, shredded paper, shipping box, pen, address label, greeting card, shipping tape, and ribbon (optional). I got all of this from Staples and Walmart.

Grab two colors of tissue paper. Fold them once, length-wise, one on top of the other, leaving room to fold it later.Grab the shredded paper and fill the box.Put the gift(s) in the box. Make sure to add a lot of the paper. It will move a lot in shipping, so you can’t have too much stuffing.Wrap one side then the other of the tissue paper.Add a card on top. We chose to leave it open like this. It looks prettier 🙂 You can tie a ribbon around it for an extra fancy-pants award.We chose a nice white box. Don’t just grab an old brown shipping box. This is a wedding gift and it is worth the $2 to make it look extra special when it arrives on the doorstep.Handwritten notes and labels go a long way in today’s electronic world! Find a matching color ink and use your best hand writing.And you are done! Use the shipping tape to tape the sides of the box.

If you can attend the wedding: take it a step further and wrap the box in tissue paper.And seal it with a sticker with their name and a ribbon.

So where does this giveaway come in? Well, we couldn’t let this box of goodies go to waste! We are giving away this package and it’s contents, including a $10 Starbucks card. Share the link to this tutorial on your Facebook wall and then let us know in the comments below! You can either copy and past this link or share the photo with the link on our wall. :

The giveaway ends in one week, May 29th.