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I Heart Photographing Weddings, Thursdays! (A day late. Again.) {40}

One thing that I really love about photographing weddings is it allows me to stay at home with my kids! I still put in a good 40 hour work week, but it’s only 1 day away from home shooting and the rest is at home while the kids are playing just feet from me. I have a rule to not work before noon, which allows quality time with my kids all morning long. We don’t have a great yard, so whenever it’s warm enough we walk to the park and hang out there as long as we can. Today was the first day since Fall that we were able to go to the park! It was so nice! Pure joy radiated from the kids as turned the corner to see the park come into view. I am so thankful God gave us 2 healthy, happy kids, a great marriage, and to top it off I get to “make money from home” so I can experience moments likeĀ  this. . .



Some day I will get a pictures of Adelaide without eating!

She heard a dog barking. In her world that means everything stops-even eating! She LOVES dogs.

Harrison is now well trained. Every time the camera points his direction it’s “CHEEEEESSSSSE”. I asked him to say “yes” instead today because I found out recently it produces a much better smile. He looks at me and says, “No! You say cheese! Silly Mama”.