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I Heart Photographing Weddings! The first of I Heart Thursdays {4}

It’s almost the weekend, it’s a good time for a feel good minute! From now on, every Thursday will be dedicated to one more reason why I (we I should say) love to shoot weddings. After reading that, you may think I was about to get all sappy and emotional. But I am not. Unless you are my father, then you might. My dad is all about food. When are we going to eat, what will it be, and when can we eat again. He has more cooking gadgets than Emeril. He appreciates the fine art of burning the crust just perfectly on a creme brulee or babysitting a roast to make sure it’s pulled out of the oven at the peak moment. This appreciation of great tasting food has been passed on to me. I heart weddings… for the cake! Every weekend I don’t know what flavor it will be, what it will look like, or if there will be a piece left for me over after the bride and groom have left the reception. I love walking by the cake table and getting a whiff of pure sweet goodness!

This one takes the cake! Pun fully intended. This cake is from Busy Bea’s Cakes in Cashmere, Washington.

Not only did they do a perfect job decorating this cake to match the decor, but it had truffles on the cake! I don’t think I has seen that before.