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I Heart Photographing Weddings Thursdays! {18}

Ben is sitting across from me over at his desk and I just asked him what he loves about shooting weddings. The first thing off his lips: “I love the romance and the relationships between the couples”. Why does he gotta do that?! Get all mushy and stuff. Here I am talking about getting ready and cakes and he’s got to be all about the real reason we have weddings :). But that is why I love him. He is a hopeless romantic (and it looks like our 3 year old is exactly like his daddy). Although I am not a super romantic person I appreciate how he fills in the love and compassion that I seem to be missing. I would not be a successful wedding photographer without him. In all honesty most people tend to LOVE the images he took while mine are “wow” pictures. He captures their relationship and makes people get all teary eyed seeing his photos, while mine they say “that looks like it should be in a magazine”. You need both to be a wedding photographer. The wow and the love. People don’t know who took what photo, but Ben and I do. This is one more reason why we make such a great team and I couldn’t imagine shooting weddings with anyone else.

These are all photos that Ben took. You can see what I mean by him always looking for (and getting!) those special moments between and bride and groom.