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I Heart Photographing Weddings Thursdays! {46}

I love jewelry. No, you don’t understand. I LOVE jewelry. I love it so much that the first time I went to Paris I was down to literally 10 Euros. I saw this super cool, kinda unique bracelet for 9 Euros. If I bought the bracelet then I would have to walk most of the way back to the apartment (not having enough money to get the tram). I had a new pair of shoes on and blisters were already forming on my feet. I stood there outside the store contemplating my options. I wasn’t sure when I would be back to Paris, I hadn’t seen a bracelet like it,  jewelry always fits…I had to buy it! So I did. And I smiled all the way home.  Photographing weddings means I get to see all sorts of bling! From a simple strand of pearls to weighty diamond earrings. In all honesty Ben usually is the one to get to photograph them. He usually grabs the rings while I am with the ladies getting ready. But it’s still fun to see what he shot at the end of the day!

In case you wanted to know what the bracelet looks like…