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Jeff&Kiersy | Wenatchee Engagement Photography

Although the East Wenatchee 19th street entrance to the river front trail is a popular place, to Jeff and Kiersy it means a little more than a pretty spot to take pictures. Jeff grew up in Kazakhstan. He moved back to the States when he was 19 to attend college in Kirkland. To him though, walking along that piece of the trail reminds him of his time in Kazakhstan. Kiersy and Jeff met while attending college and now that Kiersy has graduated they are ready to get married! He just proposed at the end of March and they are already getting married on June 15th! Due to their schedule (Jeff has another year of college left) and not wanting to wait an entire year to get married, their wedding date landed on June 15, just a few short months after getting engaged. We love this! If I hadn’t needed to finish my contract with my work, Ben and I would have done the same thing! They have so much fun with each other. We enjoyed walking around on the gorgeously sunny morning last weekend and look forward to their not-so-distant wedding!

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