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Joe & Jilian | Cle Elum Wedding Photography

They met 8 years ago. They have been through thick and thin together and even a long distance relationship as Joe served in the military overseas. Now, just last weekend they committed to spending the rest of their lives together at Ritter Farms in Cle Elum, Washington. I loved the unique idea that Jilian had for the centerpieces. They discovered antiquing together and have developed a love for it. So all of their centerpieces were things that had picked up over the years and included some of their favorite past times along with some hopefully hobbies (like gardening). Poor Jilian’s dad was on crutches after injuring his leg.  The big softy that he is, couldn’t hold back his tears and he hobbled down the asile with her. A memorable moment from their wedding was the cake! It was a little hot and happened to be filled with a pudding. So it started to lean… then tilt… and then in the middle of ceremony the bar tender ran over just in time to grab the cake cutter and hold the cake that was falling over at that minute! With the quick thinking of venue owner, Brian, they saved the cake by removing one of the layers. Jilian is so easy going she just laughed it off! Congratulations Joe and Jilian! Enjoy your time in Antigua!