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Mario & Shannon | Karma Vineyards Wedding Photography

Mario and Shannon’s wedding was a whirlwind of family! They have a very big family and with that comes lots of kids, fun, love and just a little bit a chaos. But that is just how Mario and Shanon like it. The whole vineyard came alive when the Velasco and Johnston families drove in. Surrounded by their sweet families, the were married at Karma Vineyards last weekend. They had wonderful weather… almost too wonderful as most of us were sunburned by the end of the day! The bright purple and yellow colors that Shanon chose as her wedding colors made for wonderfully colorful pictures. My favorite moments were: their niece reciting a poem during the ceremony and Mario’s brother giving a very thoughtful toast although we we beyond nervous with his voice quivering while he talked.  We wish you two all the best for an awesome first year of marriage!

Click below to see the rest of their wedding!Although Mario isn’t the biggest fan of Shanon’s little pup, it wouldn’t be her wedding without her there!