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Molly’s Favorite 2010 Wedding Images From all over Washington State! {5}

Most people who were on top of things had a favorites blog about a week ago, but that’s alright. We want to continue to think about last year for a little while longer. It’s always great to look back and see where we came from, what we did well, and what needs improving. Here are my favorite  images from 2010. Just like the people in the photographs, I have an emotional attachment to our images. We have put so much time and love into what we do, so it was very difficult to skim down to my most favorites, so we are gonna cheat 🙂 . I am posting my favorites today and Ben will be posting his favorites on another post. Some of these photos you have seen all over the place, while other you may think it’s your first time seeing them. I could write a paragraph about each image, but I figure you are probably like me- sometimes it’s fun to just flip through pictures!

In no particular order, here are the best moments from 2010!