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My Hubby, the Rock Star Photographer

The term “Rock star photographer” gets thrown around a lot in the photography world. Some people use it in a negative way while other dream of the day when they might be labeled one themselves. I’m gonna get all cheese ball sappy on you guys to say: my man is a rock star! This past week I had a big scare. I thought I was going to have to go on a photo shoot without him (he was scheduled for jury duty). It’s a big shoot for a commercial client and I really didn’t have the option to reschedule. I was worried, but my pastor reminded me of God’s sovereignty which helped. Thankfully the night before the shoot Ben received a voice mail that the case had settled and he was no longer needed. A huge sigh of relief. Ben does so much for me besides being the second shooter. I couldn’t do this without him! So I just thought I would let you all know too 🙂

He’s doing this…

…so we can get photos like these.