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My Only Hobby {22}

Sometimes I feel bad that I don’t have a hobby. I don’t sew, make jam, or collect cute trinkets that decorate my house. My family and friends ask me what I like to do so they know how to shop for me for Christmas or my birthday. I never know what to say. It’s 1:54 in the morning as I type this. We had a long day today and I couldn’t seem to wind down enough to get tired. So I decided to come downstairs and work on some images. As I opened up the programs on my computer I started to feel guilty that I was choosing to work at this crazy hour. Instead of editing I stared at my monitor looking at the unedited library of images. “Why am I sitting here right now?”. That’s when it hit me. Photography is my hobby. I decided to edit, because for me, it’s therapeutic. I watch my images come to life as I get lost in my thoughts. I get excited thinking about how the people in the pictures will react to their photos. I get giddy as I wait for the photos to be uploaded to Facebook. And then Ben and I call each other all day long as we see people commenting on the photos. “Did you see what they wrote? ….That is so cool!…. Yea, they like their photos!”. I am one of the few who gets to make money on my hobby. Not only do I make money at it, but I get to share my hobby with my husband! I am so thankful for that! So mom, if you are reading this I would like a ring flash if you ever feel like surprising me with supplies for my hobby. I know you probably have no idea what that is, but that’s ok. Just ask tech support. Eh hem, I mean Ben.

Here is the photo that I was working on while this all came to me.