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On Vacation…

These past two weekends we haven’t had any weddings. The wedding industry is one of those crazy things where some weekends we will get 20 inquiries for and another weekend not have a single person call about it. We decided to take advantage of these no-wedding weekend and take a week of vacation. Yeah! Pretty crazy idea in the middle of wedding season, but it has been great! Although I have had some little things to do here and there, for the most part it has been the slowest 2 weeks since November! We worked hard to make sure that when this time came we could relax and enjoy summer. We had a house warming party for our new place, went away without the kids for a night, and got to do the quintessential summer time chore of all parents: swimming lessons for the kids. Every day for the past 2 weeks have been their joy and fear as they went to class. They aren’t huge fans of getting their head underwater, or even close. This was a wonderful class and I was impressed by the life guards who were very nice to my little ones. The last day of class they got to jump off the diving board. My kids ended up getting lowered into the water, hehe. But that’s ok. Next time they might have the courage to jump! I did notice though as Harrison made his way to the side of the pool after that final “lowering” into the pool from the diving board that he used his “monster arms” to swim with a normal swim stroke without anyone prompting him to. Proud Mama! I have said it before, but I will continue to say it: the best part about being a mom is watching my kids learn! Next week we will be back to our busiest time yet. 5 weddings in 3 weeks! So lots of wedding fun coming your way soon!

This photo is going on my wall! I just love how classic it is. The best part about being a photographer? Getting great photos of my kids 🙂

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