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Organic: Country Style!

We love photographing weddings! But it is great to have time to sit back and reflect on our work. It helps us to appreciate what we did well,  reflect on what we could have done better, and get inspired by not so familiar surroundings. Last weekend was late deer season in Colville, Washington. We go there ever year. We camp with my parent-in-law in their trailer where we sleep litte, eat a lot, and warm up after a very cold morning of hunting. We love the taste of deer. What is great is that we know where that meat has been from the time it is roaming free in woods until it is on my plate. It doesn’t get more organic than that! Harrison and Adelaide love getting dirty and enjoy the new surrounding. Just a couple more years and Harrison will get to hunt too. Ben can’t wait (and neither can grandpa!).

Adelaide loves her brother; without him, she’s lost.

No deer that we can see, but we are still happy.

Harrison was looking for the biggest stick he could find. He’s all boy!

Adelaide is starting to like getting her picture taken. It’s not so much the picture taking, but seeing herself on the LCD screen afterward. Now that’s a girl all that way!

Adelaide has taste buds of steel! She will eat anything…even dirt.

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Just a little hard to see…

Ben wanted to test out a new gun, so we took the opportunity while out in the middle of nowhere.

Works great!

Spot the doe-this one’s an easy one for ya.