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Product Photography| Classy and Crazy Cakes | Moses Lake {81}

After my first attempt at cupcake picture taking failed due to my lack of cupcake making abilities I called in a pro. A really amazing pro. My friend and fellow photographer Colleen Donovan had posted pictures from the Moses Lake Bridal Show showcasing some of the vendors. I saw a crazy cake in one of the photos that was all sorts of fun. It turns out that company was perfectly named Classic and Crazy Cakes located in Moses Lake. I contacted Donna, the owner pleading for help and she came to my rescue, big time. I had asked for just a couple cupcakes, but she made 6 totally different cupcakes. This was a practice run for when the next set of cupcake wrappers are ready to be photographed for Dress My Cupcake. My goal was to make a scene look uniquely different, but the same for these cupcakes as it is product photography. My kids were just feet away from me, eager to take the first bite once I was finished photographing them. They will be the first to tell you that they are pure, yummy, deliciousness. If you need any fancy treat made, you have to check this place out!

I just look at this and think, “summer!”