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Professional Photographers of Washington Conference {86}

This weekend we are at the Professional Photographers of Washington Spring Conference being held in Yakima this year. I ( Molly) am the Registration Chair, which means I get to hand out name tags and talk with everyone! Ben is the Props chair, so he is gonna do what he does best: make sure all the electronics work. We love being a part of this great organization that builds friendships across the state with other professional photographers. We get to listen to great photographers speak on various topics and go out shooting together. Ben and I also submitted photos for the print competition. We can sit in on the judging and listen to the critiques. Learning what not to do is just as beneficial as learning what to do! We will be posting the photos we sent in after the competition is over. We hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Here’s a couple photos from the Fall Conference in Leavenworth. I didn’t know we were going out to shoot that day, otherwise I wouldn’t have worn a skirt.