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Trash the Dress / Rock the Dress Session in Seattle

Ahhh, the 2012 wedding season is coming to a close. Things are winding down and we have time to think. To dream of new personal projects and collaborate fun, styled shoots with fellow wedding pros. One thing I am hankering to do is a trash the dress session. We have only gotten to do a couple since our business began. So, tonight I am walking down memory lane to bring you Susan’s rock the dress session. They married on a December evening in Seattle, but didn’t want to see each beforehand. That meant no photos of each other together in the daylight so we planned a day after shoot. Susan is a seasoned rock climber. Instead of trashing the dress, we decided to rock the dress. Meaning we had fun doing something different in her dress, but a cleaning would make the dress good as new.

Hopefully this will inspire some of you newlywed brides to give us a call and schedule your rock the dress session!

Yeah, she is crazy buff! But in real life, you would have no idea!Here she is when she isn’t climbing a wall 🙂