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Ben surprised me with a night away at Treehouse Point! It is a wonderful place to have your wedding, honeymoon, or just a vacation. There are no tvs and some of the rooms don’t even have a restroom (there is one in the main building). It’s hard to put an exact description to what Treehouse Point is. The best way that I can describe it is a fancy camping, bed and breakfast. I am laughing as I type that, but once you see the pictures, you will know what I mean! After being greeted by very friendly staff we were taken to our treehouse. We stayed in the Trillium. It is named after the flowers that grow at the base of the tree.  This two story treehouse has windows everywhere to view the lush forest that surrounds the grounds. After we dropped off our stuff, we went for a walk on a trial that led us to a creek with an amazing museum of rock towers. I failed to get the story behind all of the rock stacks, but it was a testament to the owner who has left no detail to chance. We love the thought that has been put into this labor of love, by the owner Judy. After our short walk we turned our phones off and spent the evening relaxing! In the morning, we were treated to a yummy breakfast of fresh fruits, homemade scones and muffins, and organic milk and juices. I wish we could have spent a week there! If you want to spend the night here, make sure to be prepared to wait, they are booked months and months in advance. They are in the process of building more tree houses to meet the demand without loosing the integrity of the atmosphere of Treehouse Point.

Here is the main building with the office, breakfast room, and a warm inviting reading room.

They even have a cozy chess corner!Our gorgeous treehouse! It’s a ladder climb up to the bedroom.We dove our motorcycle. Unfortunately we had some slight problems with it, but my Mr. Fit was able to figure it out.We got there a little late in the day, so I took more pictures the next day in the daylight.This is another tree house you can stay in.A great meeting place or spot for a wedding reception.The bathrooms were just across the way from our tree house.Take a right at our tree to go for a walk to the creek!Building site (and bridge to it here) of a new tree house.If climbing trees aren’t your thing you can stay in a tent right by the creek!There are places to sit everywhere you look. Whenever it strikes your fancy, take a seat and breath in the fresh air!The rock piles!If a chair isn’t comfy enough- grab a spot in a hammock!They have a couple rooms that are just for hanging out in for any of the guests to go to.View of our tree house coming in the back side of the trail.