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We Are Blessed! Thankful this Thanksgiving

I know it is cliche to say there is so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but it’s the truth. I kind of like that it’s cliche. It means there are people who are actually thankful for things in their life, even if it is once a year! We hope and pray that our gratitude for the amazing life that we get to lead is always evident in our life; although some days are easier than others. This last year has been a whirlwind of a year as our wedding photography business here in Central Washington took off much faster than we anticipated. There have been many sleepless nights trying to get our work done, countless hours debating over the look of our website, days upon days emailing brides and fellow vendors. Somewhere in there our son learned to count to 20 and write the first part of his name and our daughter started speaking in full sentences and became the cutest, most opinionated little fireball. We were kept safe as we traveled all over the Pacific Northwest for photography and family functions and met the coolest people along the way. After such an unexpected year, we can’t even begin to think what this next one will hold!  We are thankful for the wonderful church who misses us when we are away weekends on end and happy to see us when we are there. We are thankful for Ben’s parents who are pretty much our nannies considering how much they watch the kids for us while we are working. I am thankful that I (Molly) haven’t have to be hospitalized for any random injury or illness in just over a year! I told Ben when we got engaged that he better have great health insurance because I am a walking medical bill. He didn’t believe me then, but he believes me now, haha.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our lives over the past year. You have been there to encourage, strengthen, be comic relief, and most importantly remind us that it is HE who makes all things possible!