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Wedding Albums {50}

There are hundreds of albums for  photographers to choose from when deciding how they want to showcase your wedding and their work. Every day there are new companies coming out with new finishes, textures, sizes… the list goes on. Knowing what the end product will be is key in choosing your photographer. As I talked about before, how much importance a photographer places on the products will show you how much they care about their photography and keep you as a client. We want our work to stand out against others out there while at the same time keeping things simple. We want our images and products to be as timeless as possible. Funky finishes and overlays, weird shaped albums, and crazy layouts will date themselves quickly. Coffee table style books are becoming very popular as a replacement for wedding albums. Ben and I are old school. We want your wedding album to look like, well, a wedding album! Our photography is classic and clean and we wanted albums to match our photography. We searched all over for a company that combines quality products while keeping as close to a classic album. We didn’t care about the cost because with photography, you get what you pay for. Cheap paper with cheap ink equals one junky album. We spend approximately 40 hours on every bride and groom. To just throw that into a cheapo album to save a few bucks was just not right in our eyes.

This is where Kiss Wedding Books comes in. They believe the same as us: that wedding albums should be about the photos, not the frills.  Everything about them is simple, which allows for the picture of you in your gorgeous dress to stand out, not the crazy design on the album cover. Kiss Wedding Books are made with hand crafted, real genuine leather.

They come in 4×4, 8×8, or 12×12 sizes.

You can also get them in a softer, thinner linen. Both are made with 100 year archive paper- meaning your photos will never yellow or fade.

You can get a 4×4 inch for your mom and a 12×12 inch for you with the exact same album inside.

And you have 7 awesome colors to choose from!