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Wedding Albums: a Must-Have! | Leavenworth Wedding Venue

Having an outstanding wedding photographer is a just half of the equation for your wedding memories. It is necessary to find a professional photographer whom you click with and love their style. You find them, have an amazing wedding and then… you just order the cd of images. Which you do nothing to little with. I am going to admit something I don’t want to admit, but I am all about honesty and integrity so here it goes: we only got the cd of images from our wedding and over 6 years later have yet to put them into an album. For a while I didn’t even know where the cd was. I was incredibly happy with our wedding photographers: Blaine and Bethany from Hood River. The pictures were wonderful and they were the best to work with. They were also my friends from photography college. Being such, they didn’t push an album on me.  Over the years I have been sad when new friends come over and I have nothing to show them of our wedding.  So maybe you do get the cd, but then grab a cheap company like Snapfish to put an album together. The pictures won’t look near as good and the colors will be off. I am thankful that we now have the capability to make a top notch album of our wedding now (and we will be creating one very soon!). When pricing out a photographer, don’t just look at the base price. Think about how you will want to display your pictures afterward. Decide on it before your wedding because soon enough it will be 6 years later and you might not have the chance.

This album is from a wedding venue in Leavenworth: Mountain Springs Lodge. It was a gorgeous vintage inspired Fall wedding. With our favorite wedding venues, we offer to make an album that showcases their setting. This is a show album we made for them. It looks a little different than a regular album spread for a client, which would include more family photos, a different title, and not all of our information on the final spread. But we thought this was a prime example of what you should expect of a wedding album when a venue offers albums of their preferred photographers to show couples.