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Hanging out at Simplot {16}

“You do realize that you are taking pictures of lights, right?” was the first question the project manager asked uswhen we first met at the plant.  I laughed and said “Yes, I do”. The company had hired us based on a referral but our website is nothing but blushing brides.  It’s the off season for weddings, which means we get to branch out and do, what is for us, the unusual. Simplot is in the process of replacing their old  sodium halide, metal halide, and incandescent lights with full spectrum lights. Meaning gross yellow, energy sucking lights to pretty bright, more energy efficient lights. They wanted before and after pictures and Friday was before session. Although the shoot was pretty straight forward, the story teller in me could help but take a few detail shots while we were out there. It’s not to often we have the chance to take nitty-gritty pictures, so we had a little fun!