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Wedding Photography in Alaska | Behind the Scenes

I am a focus nazi. Seriously. Out of focus pictures drive my crazy unless it is 100% purposeful.  Most photographers don’t care as much as I do about the focus and wouldn’t bat an eye at my issues with this lens. But I went to photo school where teachers where not so kind to kinda-almost-in-focus pictures and I constantly feel the need to check our gear before shoots. We are still unsure if we like one of our most recent lenses we purchased and use it sparingly at weddings. I am Ben’s number one subject when testing the gear which is a slight problem cause I am not a huge fan of photos of myself.

So instead I look like this. In all the photos Ben takes of me.  This is from our most recent wedding at Alyeska Resort, south of Anchorage, Alaska. We are in our hotel room just minutes before I had to leave to take pictures of the ladies getting ready.

I am my worst client!