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Weddings at Lake Chelan Bridal Show 2012 | Part One

Just days before the bridal show it snowed. Not just a fun little sprinkle, but all out blizzard. Seattle was shut down and all of us on the East side of the mountains were worried. After spending a better part of a year preparing for this bridal show it all came down to the one thing we couldn’t control. Thankfully the sun came out and it proved to be a gorgeous day for a drive to visit Washington’s wine country. Brides were greeted at Tsillan Cellars with something to drink and a taste of cake. After talking with some of the best wedding vendors in our area, they had the option to have a complimentary limo ride to Karma Vineyards  where brides and their families & friends met with more vendors and stayed until the grand prize drawings at the end of the show. With this show. we wanted to break away from the  rushed, overwhelmed, and afraid of the next vendor ready to pounce on her with information feeling of bridal shows that some have come to expect. We wanted everyone, including the vendors to feel relaxed and simply just have a fun afternoon. I personally feel this was accomplished! We had brides that talked with us for up to 10 minutes, looking at our albums only to say “oh we already have a photographer, I am just looking for fun…” I loved that they not only comfortable, but enjoyed themselves enough to stay to do that.

Here are some images from Karma Vineyards. We will do a second post from Tsillan Cellars. There were so many fun shots that it would be too long of a post to show you the full event!

What brides saw when they entered the cave at Karma Vineyards.

There were 8 different prizes! The top three prizes were worth over $6000! We also had a groom’s basket- complete with a “Kiss the Groom” apron and jerky.

Kim was the winner of our free wedding package! So excited to be shooting her Karma Vineyards wedding. Also included was a complimentary bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere from Fleur de Lis Floral & Event Design.

Karma Vinyards provided tasty appetizers for brides to munch on as they talked with vendors. Jeanne helps with the wedding planning for brides getting married at Karma.

I totally forgot to take a picture of our booth. This is the closest thing we have.

The most favorite bouquet the Lynn, of Fleur de Lis Floral and Event Design has created yet! Cabbage, cotton, roses, and a broach. So lovely and different! This, right here, is why you hire a professional!

Me with Lynn Tuttle, the best florist in Lake Chelan!

Deb’s Delights made something I hadn’t seen yet- an upside down cake!

Deb gave away a mini candy bar for one lucky bride.

Bella Sera gave away a bridal gown! This model happens to be one of our brides who is getting married on Valentine’s Day. We are looking forward to photographing her wedding!

Bella Sera had some seriously gorgeous bridesmaids dresses!

Gen X Pro drove all the way from Seattle to be at the show! Professional DJs are hard to find, but these two are keepers! They dj-ed the event and did an outstanding job.

Pampered Chef is a great gift to any newly married couple! We also had a Macy’s rep there to help brides sign up for their bridal registry.

Jessica Wardle of Jessica Nicole Music is an award winning pianist who loves to play for weddings. She is pictured here with her husband.

Stephanie Sheasly gave tips and tricks about wedding day hair styles.  Campell’s Spa gave away a 2 night’s stay at the resort!

Come back in a couple days to hear about the awesome vendors who were at Tsillan Cellars!