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Weddings at Lake Chelan Bridal Show | What to Look for in a DJ

A Q&A with the co-owner of Gen X Pro, Jered!  For more information check out their website

1. What are some things brides should look for when looking for a dj?

J: Brides should always look for a DJ that has or is part of a legitimate DJ company. DJ companies always have a business license, carry liability insurance, and have a proven track record from the many weddings, vendors, and venues they have preformed at. Not every DJ out there has a real business and some of the many horror stories we hear about come from brides that find a DJ with an extremely low price or is a friend that happens to have some speakers and music.

2. What is the biggest advantage of hiring a professional vs. a friend with an iPod?

J: The biggest advantage of hiring a professional DJ vs. a friend with an iPod is that a professional DJ’s job is playing appropriate, in the moment music that keeps your guests dancing and celebrating with you. A great DJ is able to read the crowd and knows what to play and when to play it. Another often overlooked advantage of a wedding DJ is the coordination that is involved with helping the bride and groom’s wedding day vision become a reality. There are so many issues that can happen with a friend and an iPod that you wouldn’t want to happen on your wedding. A professional DJ knows there isn’t a “re-do” on such a special occasion.  

3. What makes you different than other DJs?

J: One of the biggest differences that sets us apart from other DJs and companies is our proven consistent track record of successful weddings and happy clients. We maintain this track record by being an owner operated company that has a true passion for our client’s special day. Ollie and I are committed to each and every wedding we do and each and every wedding is important to us.

4. At what point in the planning process do you typically work with couples?

J: Hmmm, this can be answered in two ways. First, we start working with our couples during the initial consultation. We are happy to answer any questions they may have and we have an organized planning process that lets us know exactly what our clients want us to do for them.  

J: The other point in a clients entire wedding planning process we find ourselves is usually the last vendor they need to hire. I’m not sure why a DJ is one of the last things most couples have on the to do list but I do know that all of our clients are pleasantly surprised on how much of a major role we play during their wedding day. I can tell you there is no better feeling for a job well done when we hear our client’s guests tell the couple how much fun they had dancing and celebrating with them.  

5. Are there songs that you love, but don’t seem to get picked to be played? Is there a song you wish you could retire?

J: I personally like a lot of different music and my personal choices depend on what kind of mood I am in. What I play at a particular wedding depends on the guest’s body language and what our clients want us to do for them. I DJ a wedding without a personal bias towards any music but I do know professionally what will work for most people and most weddings. If I advise my clients that a particular music style might not work and they want me to play it, that’s ok, it’s their day and I want them to be happy. My clients tell me what songs they don’t want and so I guess you can say that is a sort of song retirement for just that wedding.   

J: These were great questions and I hope some of my answers help couples with their DJ decisions. If anyone has any other questions they want to ask us please feel free to contact Ollie or myself at anytime.