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Weddings at Lake Chelan Bridal Show:Photography


Chris and Heidi Ohta are a super upbeat husband and wife wedding photography team based in Wenatchee. We were so happy to hear that they wanted to be a part of the bridal show! Check them out at For more information on the Weddings at Lake Chelan Bridal show click here.

1. What are some things brides should look for when looking for a photographer?

a)  “Personality/Engery” – Besides possibly the wedding planner/organizer, the photographer will spend the most time with the couple so it is very important that the couple like the photographer’s personality and energy.  This is so often over looked, since we go to websites now and it is so easy to not even speak with your photographer in person before the wedding day.  It is important to do your research and try to meet with photographers in person, or at least “Skype” to get a feel for their personality.  Find a photographer who’s personality and energy will compliment the feeling/energy of your wedding day versus imposing their own.

     b)  Don’t be afraid to ask for references and to see samples of work, other than what is on the website.  It is important to see how the photographer approaches the entire day to see if their approach and style will match up with your vision and style for the day.
2. What is something most people don’t know about wedding photography?  Most people don’t know how much we really put into the day.  Many people don’t see that many photographers are there before the hair and make up people even show up, and we are some of the last vendors to leave at the end of the night. We prepare and plan for the wedding day.  Most of us don’t just show up and hope that we will make beautiful photos.  Instead, we do our research and plan so that we can begin seeing the photos in our heads before the actual wedding day.
3. What is one thing that you feel makes you different than other photographers?  One thing that separates Chris Ohta Photography is our desire to give all of ourselves to each of our couples, and to tell the entire story of the day.  We go out of our way to meet with our couples in person multiple times prior to the wedding day to discuss the details, and if not in person at least by phone or Skype.  We give all of our couples free photography time in order to make their day more relaxing, and so that we can shoot images that might not otherwise be catured.  We brave “road closed signs” and construction zones to bring a bride some Emergen-C the week before the wedding because she was starting to feel ill.  We focus on incorporating our couples personality and lifestyle in our work.  Our couples aren’t treated as clients, they are treated like our family and friends.
4.At what point in the planning process do you typically work with couples? All of our couples are different so they contact us at different times in their planning.
5. Is there a photo you have been dying to take, but the opportunity hasn’t come up yet? The photos that I seem to want to take change with each couple based on personality, passions and lifestyle.  There is not one photo that I am dying to take, there are tons…