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Wenatchee Wedding Photography {Kyle+Jacque}

It had been snowing in our wonderful Eastern Washington town of Wenatchee, Wa. It’s not unusual, but when it comes to wedding photography, snow it’s always the best. But today, that didn’t matter. Kyle and Jacque are so in love, nothing could upset them on this Saturday in November! They had waited for each other. For some it may not seem like forever, but for  people like Kyle and Jacque who really wanted to find the love of their life, it was hard to be single the older they got. God brought them together at the age of 30 and 32 and once they were together, they knew and that was it!  Because they knew they were made for each other they didn’t see any point in waiting, so three months later they got married. Ben and I had worried about the snow, but the sun was out and made for a perfect winter wedding. We traveled out to Hurst Landing, owned by the groom’s uncle where we walked around on untouched snow in open fields, right by the river. Gorgeous! Jacque bought her stunning wedding dress locally at Bella Sera right here in Wentachee.  The bridal party happily complied as I made them walk around this wonderful spot on the Columbia River. The ceremony was held at their church, then the reception at Cashmere Riverside Center. We are so happy for this wonderful couple! All the best!

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