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We’re for real, yo! Wedding photography style.

One of the hardest things that a new business owner had to overcome mentally is that we are actually a business. It is weird to think that I am my own boss and that with Ben, we are working toward making a living on our own. Although I have formal education with years of photo experience, we are just now into our second year of a full-fledged effort of running our own business. With each wedding we learn 10 new things to do or not do. With every event we are growing our little business by buying needed equipment, networking with other vendors, meeting new clients, ect. Well today, for some reason I feel like we are no longer newbies. Like most things, this is all in my head. Whether we are still newbies is pretty relative, but from this day forth I shall no longer be calling ourselves “newbies”. We have graduated to toddlers. Time to put the big kid pants on and start taking some bigger steps. Today we received in the mail our first sign for our business. We are getting ready for 4 bridal shows that are coming up in the next 4 months and we needed a sign identifying us at our booth. Last year I went to Home Depot, bought a couple sheets of fancy paper and printed out “Nickles Photography” with some random font I thought was cool. Last year I was unsure how things would go, trusting God that we were headed in the direction He wanted us to go. This year we spent the money on something more than a piece of paper that we could throw away at the end of the day. Besides the fact that we are already booking for 2011 we feel at peace with our new venture and are excited at how He’s gonna work over the coming year. I’m exited for our new sign. It says “we are here to stay, Lord willing!”.

Here’s a picture of the sign. I took it quickly with my iPhone, so it’s not the most amazing product shot ever 🙂 It made of acrylic (a.k.a semi-shiny see-thru plastic, kinda). I think the size is 20×20 Oh, we also purchased an embosser with our logo. Pretty sweet!