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When All Else Fails: Eat a Doughnut{89}

Yesterday my photo editing software freaked out a little. I wasn’t freaked out because it wasn’t like we were loosing photos, but I wasn’t able to edit. Just a little frustrating. So I said whatever to it and took the kids to Safeway to grab a special treat.  Harrison and Adelaide discovered sprinkles recently so when I asked them if they wanted to go for a special treat the first words out of Harrison’s mouth were, “Can we get a chocolate covered sprinkled doughnut?!”.  There was a happy silence in the car on the way home as they munched on their doughnuts. When I parked the car and turned around to unlock their seat belts and I laughed out loud at the site. Chocolate all over! I quickly grabbed my camera and started shooting once we got in the house. Then the sugar rush hit them and they were ready to take a nap, haha. We thank Jesus for our kids everyday! They light up our world!

Doesn’t get better than this in his little world!

All that sugar makes a girl sleepy! She was thinking about falling asleep right on the dinning room floor.